This is Tengfei’s personal weblog.
Tengfei is an interaction designer and UX manager who is working for mobile services/devices.
He keeps up with the related original design/technology points on his weblog.
Thanks for your interest and support.

E-mail: mdong{at}live.cn


Main Experience

  • Baidu UX Designer since 2018, focus on Baidu Map / Baidu Research.
  • Baidu UX Manager since 2016.
  • Baidu MUX UX Designer since 2012, focus on Mobile Browser.
  • MILK mag Project Manager & UX Designer  2011~2012.
  • RDRN UX Designer during 2009~2011.


  • Woodcut & Water Print
  • Motorcycle & Racing
  • Bow and Arrow & Traditional

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  1. 慕名前来踩一脚留个言,哈哈,小气的神站点很大气!~~我后悔用sina sae后台了,换模板特别不方便还要传代码包不支持在线修改5555555555555555

  2. Hi, 我叫Janice,从linkedIn看过来。很喜欢你的作品,有个不错的机会想跟您聊一下。我已经给你live.cn的邮箱发了邮件,有空请看一下吧。期待你的回复

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